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We possess credentials that few in the country can boast about. We have 100/99.99 percentile scores in CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CET, GMAT, etc. - all in a team size of three!

Outside the classroom support
We believe that the time spent between two classroom sessions is important for your preparation and so, you get a host of OTC support too in the form of access to videos, groups, and tests to further enhance your preparation.


Nikhar Mattu

IIM Ahmedabad

There are a bazillion prep providers in the market but there are so few who actually care about aspirants doing well. Even aspirants who aren't their students. That's what makes Learningroots so good. That they genuinely care, that they give a damn. As far as help, support and guidance is concerned these guys will leave no stone unturned. Thank you Learningroots. I'll always be grateful.

Siddharth Raikar

IIM Calcutta

I have had plenty of coaching from bigger institutes, and the major difference I felt is that Learningroots gives you an unparalleled amount of personalized attention. Moreover, their teaching plans are tailored to suit every student's needs. I highly recommend Learningroots to anyone who wants quality education, from tutors who not only know the subject, but have fantastic credentials to their name.

Deepti Kini

IIM Calcutta

I am lucky that I chose Learningroots for my preparation. Saying the mentors are excellent is an understatement. As they have been through these exams (and also being the toppers), they have the knack of getting their students at it. I got immense support from them. They would help me clear my doubts even at 12 a.m (literally!) and were with me throughout the preparation. All I can say to them is “I owe it all to you”.

Jaideep Mehendale


n order to get a good score in any competitive exam you need just 2 things: Sound guidance and good material. Learningroots provided me with both. It always helps to talk to people who have ‘been there and done that’. In my case I had considerable trouble dealing with the Visual Reasoning (VR) section. The tricks and hacks that Team Learningroots shared with me for handling the VR section were nothing but KICK ASS.

Jayesh Bohra


The best part about Learningroots is that you directly get guidance and support from people who have been there and done that. Career guidance, how to crack interviews, help with SOP, free sessions before exams, they help you with each and everything. I strongly recommend all serious aspirants to join Learningroots and be a part of their legacy. Again, a hearty thanks to the three brilliant founders and their team!

Onkar Gandhi


One of the differentiating factors of Learningroots is the presence of young faculties and they mentor you to achieve your goals. As all of them are MBA grads from premier institutes they know exactly what goes on in our mind while preparation. I felt they were able to prepare the course-work keeping that in mind and hence were very successful. I think they will go a long way in mentoring students for MBA entrance exam. I would definitely recommend Learningroots to MBA aspirants for preparations.






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